Psychic Readings

Spiritual & Psychic Counseling

What exactly is a psychic reading?  A reading is just a description of a session with a psychic reader.  A psychic or intuitive uses their psychic abilities to sense, feel, hear and see the energy feels of a person.  From this energetic field emanates the energy of emotions, feelings, influences, and desires.  A gifted psychic can interpret this for the client into meaningful information including impacting reactions to the client and other people around them, possible outcomes, and estimated time frames.  As with any profession, a readers ability range from nearly slightly able to feel something to incredible insights, visions, predictions and outcomes accompanied with deep spiritual wisdom and guidance. 

Never be timid or shy when you call to make an appointment with a psychic.  Ask them about their experience and training. Ask them how they got started in this profession. Always ask how long the session will be and what is the exact fee.

 Some psychics like to use the phrase intuitive counselor and clairvoyant.  So many people think the word psychic is a con or scam.  Our sessions with a client include our psychic abilities individually as well as counseling guidance and wisdom to help people change their lives.  Therefore, we strive to be professional, able to offer extremely meaningful help and insightful information for their highest and best good. As we seek to live the life and follow the ways of God, we are most aligned with God and our higher destiny.  Our knowledge is a gift from God. We are sincere and genuine. Our goal is to provide the best service possible.  Our passion is to help others heal.   WE CAN HELP!

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