Years Clairvoyant: 20+

Meet Starella, A Gifted Reader, Healer and Counselor.

Starella is a gifted empathetic reader, healer and counselor. She is from New Orleans and has lived in many countries including Japan where she was a radio and TV personality. Starella tunes into your vibrations and gives both spiritual insights and practical advice. This helps you move your life force forward and enriches your natural spirit, talents, and gifts.

Starella is an empath, visionary, clairvoyant and is known as the world's most compassionate psychic.

Starella is precise and accurate with practical wisdom and positive uplifting messages. This top-rated psychic to the stars has insights on love, health and finance.

Starella becomes a friend for life and does daily prayers and meditations for those who seek her help. She has given thousands of insightful readings and is a skilled practitioner who brings love, humor, and the wisdom of the ages to her devotees.

With 20 years experience worldwide she will give you the answers you seek.

Call Starella @ 1.800.541.6999