Years Clairvoyant: 20

Meet Sandy, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Counselor

 She became interested in Metaphysics as a teenager. As she became an adult, she realized that her intuition had heightened. She has been reading Tarot & Many other divination tools For over 20 years.

Sandy  believes everyone has intuitive/psychic abilities - the only difference is......she has learned to trust what is given to her! 

She believes in free will and that very little, if anything - is set in stone. Your reading will help you discover what is hidden and reveal potentials.  You will find this knowledge incredibly useful in your life decisions.

Sandy  has had many gifted teachers along her journey, where she has learned to understand her gifts to help, heal, and empower others.

She is an animal lover & children and elderly advocate .

Call Sandy @ 1.800.541.6999